How to avoid Banned WhatsApp number?

WhatsApp can get banned (on suspicion of spam). The good news: the number can be unblocked. Let’s find out why WhatsApp gets banned, how to avoid being banned, and what to do if your account gets blocked.

WhatsApp offers to complain about those who annoy you with “favorable offers”. To do this, click on “Spam”.

Suspicious accounts according to WhatsApp. How WhatsApp algorithms are set up and what they respond to — only Meta knows. The main thing is that they work and send the ban without warning.

So don’t be fooled by stories about someone making spam and not getting banned. WhatsApp algorithms work unpredictably.

Tips and Hints

  • Set up the advertising in such a way that the user is the first to write to you (the “Mark as Spam” button does not appear).
  • Send messages only to your loyal database of numbers or your clients only.
  • Don’t send the same messages, change them: personalize the messages (“Hi, %Customer_name%”).
  • Take the opportunity to subscribe and unsubscribe using the button options in each message. To do this, add reply buttons (e.g., “Write Unsubscribe to unsub”
  • Offer users the to save your contact.
  • Avoid sending links, especially in the first message to the user.
  • New phone numbers have a greater risk of being blocked. Before connecting to a completely new number, you can use WhatsApp personally for some time (chat with other numbers so that you have a variety of incoming and outgoing messages from different numbers).
  • Warming up your number before connecting WhatsApp to our web or WhatsApp web is necessary: This is only in the new numbers because the WhatsApp algorithm discovers that there is something abnormal, because when the new person brings a new number, he does not send it to everyone from the first day, but sends messages to friends and customers and they respond to it, and this is gradually using it, we have clients who use their number in WhatsApp Up web for previous months and start normally sending and sending a lot of messages normally.
  • Do not scan the QR directly in these cases:
    1: When registering a new account on WhatsApp from a new number.
    2: When your number is blocked and restored.
  • Avoid using virtual and free numbers from the Internet, because they are often blocked in Previously and are heavily scrutinized by WhatsApp.

Is there a guarantee that the number will not be blocked?

About the WhatsApp ban policy, the same policy applies when you use your phone or, So. All the tips are the same when you use or your phone.
Sending spam messages by phone directly will also apply the same policy.
There is no difference between using our product and your phone.

So, there is no guarantee about it, our service is just API, to send messages automatically instead of sending them from the phone.

Finally … do not forget the golden advice “Do not send messages of advertisements or spam, send to your customers who are waiting for messages from you.”

How to activate a banned WhatsApp number?

f your account is banned, you’ll see this message when trying to access WhatsApp APP “Your phone number is banned from using WhatsApp.

You can follow simple steps to activate the phone number.

  • Usually, the number is retrieved within minutes the first time because the process of recovering the number is automatic, and the second time it may be a little delayed.
    If the ban is repeated, the account will be reviewed manually, and activation will be delayed for a long time. So be careful and use sending messages wisely in case your number gets banned.
  • Try not to scan the QR immediately after retrieving the WhatsApp number, start a conversation with your other numbers or friends, send some large files and pictures, and wait for a day or more to scan the QR again.

After activating the number, I received an email from WhatsApp stating that I am using third-party software

This is an email and a general message for everyone when blocking any number because the official WhatsApp application cannot send large amounts of messages quickly, and thus their robot notices that there is something abnormal, so follow the previous advice at the top so that the use of WhatsApp is normal.

Why My number is blocked without sending any message?

The same policy applies when you use your phone or or our web, So even if you scan the QR from WhatsApp Web, it will also be blocked.

What is the most important factor for blocking a WhatsApp number?

There are many factors and tips that were listed at the top to avoid being banned, and there are important factors such as the number of messages and the time interval. But the most important factor in blocking a number is clicking on the recipient of the message “Block the number” so when you repeatedly click on the block your number, your number will be blocked in WhatsApp.

It’s a percentage, when you have 10 contacts and 5 people block you the percentage of spam is 50%, when you have 1000 contacts and you are blocked by 10 people the block percentage is less than 1%, no one knows that percentage “It’s a special algorithm in WhatsApp Therefore, do not bet on it, follow all advice, and do not send spam or large amounts.

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