Frequently Asked Questions

General questions is a Un-Official WhatsApp API provider and a gateway for working with messages.
  • If you are looking to contact your customers via WhatsApp or build your own WhatsApp solution (whether it is a CRM/ERP system, a chatbot, or some other platform), will be your perfect choice.
First, register on the site with your WhatsApp number then activate your monthly or annual subscription After that go to the Account option & click on Play Button, Start the instance & Scan The QR-Code To Connect your Whatsapp Number.
We have prioritized stability and safety. On our part, we guarantee
  • Good server uptime is 99.9%
  • Urgently update service.
  • 24/7 customer support performs quite many functions.
  • You will be able to send all types of files and messages in WhatsApp, automatically create and manage instances, webhooks, set up event notifications … etc
we do not recommend sending more than 250 messages a day from a single number/instance. But when you send bulk messages users Maybe mark your messages as spam which will lead to your number being blocked. So take care to send messages only to your clients only. And the messages should not be spam or annoying advertisements. The messages should be services (reminders - OTP - subscription - or any message the customer is waiting for ...etc
We recommend that you use this service only to send interactive messages to the customer that they expect to receive. And if you send mass messages, spam or send messages that are against WhatsApp rules, we are not responsible for blocking your user account or phone number.
YES You can send messages with your WhatsApp number
No – WhatsApp on your phone does not need to be online all the time. But you must use WhatsApp on your phone every 14 days.Otherwise, you have to connect WhatsApp again from your user panel.
You can use WhatsApp business or personal WhatsApp. Our service supports both types of WhatsApp
Yes. You can use a api key belonging to a WhatsApp number unlimitedly and connect different websites or software to it.
Yes - if your package support multiple instances then you can scan multiple whatsapp numbers.
Yes - You can change your WhatsApp number at any time from “Accounts -> instance Manangement ” menu.
With the help of load balance feature, you can add multiple WhatsApp numbers to the system and the message will be distributed between these numbers. For example, you have connected 5 accounts to the system and you have a request to send 5,000 messages, with this method, 1,000 messages will be sent from each of your WhatsApp numbers.
By using this feature, the possibility of number blocking will be greatly reduced.